The Speak Up Academy

Your support towards safe, healthy, ethical and diverse places to work across the globe

You can help create thriving workplaces where people are respected, empowered and safe to speak up on things that matter

If this sounds like a far-away dream, then we can help make it possible. 

Speak Up Academy is for people on boards, decision makers and people in compliance roles (including HR, Legal, Risk, Audit, HSE) who aspire to uphold their organisations' values, good governance, safety, ethics or diversity while balancing business interests and other organisational pressures. 

We know how tough and lonely it can be. In Speak Up Academy, you're among friends.

We are a thriving community of thought leaders and change makers from around the world, multiple industries and diverse disciplines who come together, explore and find solutions on:

  • transforming organisational culture from one that is toxic or fear based to one that is healthy and empowering.
  • addressing problematic or toxic leaders or influencers within an organisation.
  • creating a vibrant speak up culture where employees feel safe to intervene when they see harmful conduct and report wrongdoing.
  • breaking through resistance to polices addressing ethics, safety, sexual harassment, racism and other inclusive policies.
  • handling or surviving within institutions that appear to be corrupt or mired in toxicity.

Why are we doing this?

What you find in Speak Up Academy

People who understand you, because they've been there

Within our safe space, you can talk about your challenges and get feedback. Our members join our weekly virtual Cafes and "throw their question" out there. The support is tremendous, as we shape the issue, relate our experiences and give you new perspectives. 

Fascinating experts and personalities!

Where else will you find lawyers, psychologists, law enforcers, forensics professionals, and experts in ethics and anti-corruption, industrial/worker/patient safety, crisis communications, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion all in one place? A number of our thought leaders have "google me"and New York Times/Guardian featured status and it's an incredible honour to be on regular zoom calls with them.

Knowledge, practical tools and strategies

Whether through our courses, groups or calls, discover practical ways on how to make positive change within your organisation.

A safe space to trial and make mistakes

You might have some great ideas but you're unsure as to whether it might work in your organisation. We're a great platform where you can request a trial balloon with an audience to give you that feedback. 

A path to becoming an authority

Do you yearn to tell your Speak Up story or share your expertise to a wider audience? Let us know, and we can host a Speak Up talk or discussion for you - as long as it's related to speaking up, our focus areas or healthy work cultures. We'd love to help you be visible too. If you're about to give a talk and want to do a dry run, you can request a slot, get our members to join you and give you valuable feedback, making your talk more powerful and transformational.

A voice and being heard

We give you the space to speak. Many of our members have told us that they have never felt as heard and validated before joining us. Through our Speak Up Voices sessions, we give you the space to share your work story and the impact it has had on you. We don't judge or ask "blame-type" questions. We support you, because many of us have been there. Quite a number of our members have faced retaliation for raising issues (including going to jail), have been bullied or harassed - which has set them on a course of making sure others don't suffer the way they have. 

Telling your story in a supportive community is cathartic, helps you heal and serve others who need you.

How can you access all these wonderful things?

Through our regular programmes

  • Our weekly Speak Up Cafe live calls as we talk about any and all things Speak Up over a coffee. Listening to a story from a person from halfway around the world can really broaden our horizon. Share your own experiences!
  • Our exclusive Speak Up Spotlight live calls where you can interact with our featured Spotlight member or panel of thought leaders and experts

  • Special Interest Group. Explore an issue more deeply with your peers from around the world, by creating or joining groups to solve a specific problem. 
  • Join or float a Trial Balloon on your change-making idea as we host a session for you to get feedback from members

What we talk about

Any Speak Up topic that manifests at work. We've shared some of our Spotlight recordings publicly and you can view our showcase here. Our webinars have been viewed in over 40 countries across 6 continents.

snapshots from the topics section of the Speak Up Academy

Our courses, circles & masterclasses

We want to make a real difference in supporting you as you apply what you have learnt from our courses. Our courses are designed to be practical for you to apply at work while you take the course. The live interaction with instructors and peers helps you get instant feedback. Even after your course ends, continued membership of Speak Up Academy means you can continue engaging with your cohort and other thought leaders to motivate you as you implement change within your organisation.

Our interactive Masterclasses and Circles are conducted here, with on-demand courses on Speak Up Discovery

Coming Soon

Speak Up Circles 

Early 2021, we will conduct Circles specifically for:

  • women who have been sexually harassed at work
  • whistleblowers and people who are considering raising serious concerns at work
  • people in compliance and safety who face resistance in enforcing policies and processes

Note: Courses and Circles are subject to a separate charge as they are facilitated by specialists.

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